What Zodiac Sign Am I Quiz

What Zodiac Sign Am I quiz

For thousands of years, humans have been attempting to make sense of the world around them.

It’s only very recently that it became possible to yell “SIRI, TELL ME WHAT THAT GIANT ORANGE BALL IN THE SKY IS” and receive an instant explanation from somewhere down the back of your sofa.

You see, during much of mankind’s long slog on earth, understanding anything was kind of difficult.

People appealed to the heavens for answers but were invariably met with silence. So they looked wherever they could: in the elements, in changing weather patterns, across the land, and in the oceans. The natural world was the only educational resource available.

For some civilizations, the night sky was of particular intrigue. The Babylonians, the Mayans, and the Greeks all came to find great meaning amongst the stars, using celestial activity as a philosophical instructor, and a form of prophecy.

These observations and musings paved the way for the mystical science we’ve come to know today as Astrology.

Fast Forward

Though it is a comprehensive field of study in its own right, modern western astrology is largely known in the mainstream for the Zodiac. This describes a belt of symbolised constellations that are used to provide spiritual guidance and life advice.

There’s a good chance that you’re already aware of the zodiac – in fact, you probably even know your own star sign. Digesting a weekly horoscope is about as far as the astrology casual (guilty) goes, but there really is a lot more to uncover.

Have you ever thought about how your sign affects you on a personal level? Or what the traits of people that share your zodiac sign are?

And don’t you think it’s a bit coincidental that the zodiac also thinks your ex is crazy?

Even if you prefer to get your cosmic wisdom from a wise-old aunt, a fortune cookie, or from bathroom stall poetry (hey, we’re all different), the zodiac is still useful to explore, and can offer some fascinating food for thought.

Understanding the zodiac

The nature of the zodiac means a person’s day-to-day prospects are ever-changing, but each sign has certain unique qualities that are innate.
For example, a Leo is considered to be a drama queen and moves through the world like the camera is always on. A Capricorn is a success-driven individual that will happily stay at the office.

Applying The Zodiac

So you’re a Scorpio and have learned that you’re passive, inflexible, and emotional. Brilliant. What now? Sit in the corner and have a cry?

Hold up, don’t do that.

The zodiac isn’t just for whimsical profiling, it can actually be used for making positive life decisions. Learning about your individual characteristics can help you choose what to study at school, or what kind of career to pursue.

It can even help you find the right life partner. Signs that sit directly opposite each other on the ecliptic are regarded as ‘cosmic pairs’ (or polarities), meaning they are highly compatible.

According to the zodiac, Virgo and Pisces will get on like a house on fire, as will a Gemini and Sagittarius.

A Leo might go ahead and actually set the house on fire because THEY ARE CRAZY, but you can be sure that an Aquarius will be there to the rescue. Of course, polarities don’t guarantee love or mean you’re limited to dating the same star sign forever and ever. But you know, it’s worth a try – the zodiac might just be the best matchmaking
service out there!

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