The Ultimate Emma Stone Quiz

The Ultimate Emma Stone Quiz

Emily Jean Stone, known professionally as Emma Stone, is an American actress who has been acting ever since she was a child. She has certainly come a long way from her first acting experience in a theatre production of The Wind in the Willows in 2000! Nowadays, Emma Stone is a household name, having worked her way up from smaller roles to massively successful leading roles. If you’re a fan of Emma’s impressive filmography then this Emma Stone Quiz is perfect for you!

However, for those who might need a little more information before taking the quiz, carry on reading!

Emma Stone The Early Days

After being cast in the pilot for the reality show The New Partridge Family, Emma Stone made her television debut in that one-and-only episode. Yet Emma was undeterred, and she went on to star in other successful teen comedies, such as 2009’s Zombieland and 2012’s Easy A. (2010). Her performance in Easy A earned her widespread acclaim and helped her land several other successful supporting actress roles. Probably the most well-known is her portrayal of Gwen Stacy, Peter Parker’s love interest, in The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) and its sequel.

Emma's Acheivements So Far

In 2014, she was nominated for an Academy Award following her performance in Birdman. Just two years later, she played the lead female role in the romantic musical film La La Land opposite Ryan Gosling, for which she was critically acclaimed. She won an Academy Award, a BAFTA Award, a Screen Actors Guild Award and a Golden Globe for her performance in La La Land, which set her up for further success. She received her third Academy Award nomination for her supporting role in The Favourite (2018) and transformed into a live-action version of Cruella De Vil in Cruella (2021).

Her Personal Life

Outside of acting, Emma has also actively supported several different charitable causes, including breast cancer awareness, environmental care and women’s protection from sexual harassment in Hollywood. She tries to keep her personal life as private as possible, including her family and relationships. She began dating her The Amazing Spider-Man co-star Andrew Garfield during filming for the first film, though both of them were incredibly private about it and refused to feed any information to the media. Emma is now happily married to Dave McCary and has one child with him.

Ready For The Ultimate Emma Stone Quiz?

Emma Stone’s career has been steadily rising ever since she started to score roles in critically and economically successful films. Her fanbase has only continued to grow with her career, so there are plenty of people out there who will do amazingly at this Emma Stone Quiz! Because she is a very private person, not as much is known about Emma’s private life as there is about her film roles and achievements, but this quiz will still challenge both casual and committed fans.

Whether you’ve loved Emma since the start, or if you’re just now discovering her and wanting to know more, look no further than the button below! Give it a click and test your knowledge with this Emma Stone Quiz.

fun facts
  1. She shares a tattoo of bird feet on her wrist with her mother because “Blackbird” by the Beatles is their favorite song. McCartney, who wrote the song, drew the bird feet for Emma after she wrote him a letter asking him to do so.
  2. She’s a huge Spice Girls fan and says they taught her about girl power. Baby Spice (Emma Bunton) is her favorite member, but she got teary when Scary Spice (Melanie Brown) sent her a surprise video message during an interview.