What Zodiac Sign Am I


Would you consider yourself to be a cute little angel or a mighty demon?

When it comes to work, your skills reach 110% when you work:

Put yourself in your friends’ shoes. How would they describe you in one word?

Which pet would you most likely want to have (if you already don’t)?

What is your go-to summer drink?

Choose the most likely scenario of you watching a movie:

What do you find more valuable in a healthy romantic relationship?

You’ve been invited to a huge party this weekend and everybody you know is going. You are the one who

What would your ideal first date look like?

In your opinion, the glass is always:

Which of the following screams “an ideal Saturday night”?

What’s the word that best suits your personality?

What Zodiac Sign Am I
Depicted by the Ram, Aries is the fierce zodiac sign who is never afraid to be in the front line! Their strong character is almost tangible and it allows them to become great leaders. This fire sign is known to be bold and dynamic, always up for the challenge – competing with others and ultimately winning is a special fuel for Aries!
Just as expected from the earth signs, Taurus is truly down-to-earth! They may be famous for their unyielding stubbornness, but once you get to know them you can actually see that they can be pretty laid back. Even though this zodiac sign likes to take their time, they are determined to achieve their goals and nothing can change their mind!
This charismatic sign is a pretty little social butterfly! Given the fact that Gemini has extremely good social and communication skills, they truly enjoy meeting new people. On top of that, they don’t find it difficult to click with them in mere minutes of their conversation. However, don’t expect them to always be outgoing as they sometimes need to recharge their social batteries!
This family-oriented water sign sure understands other people’s feelings! Cancer is an intuitive zodiac sign that is sensitive and caring. They often try to make other people happy before they try to be happy themselves. Their deep emotional investment certainly contributes to building strong and long-lasting relationships!
Prepare the red carpet ‘cause Leo’s in town! And don’t forget to invite the paparazzi because this zodiac sign owns the spotlight now. This overly confident fire sign loves when he is in the centre of the attention but deep down they are caring and loyal and love to share their playful and positive energy with their loved ones!
There is no zodiac sign that is more organized than Virgo! This earth sign simply loves schedules, to-do lists, and sticky notes. Their approach to almost any situation in life is logical, analytical, and practical. Instead of being focused on the goals, Virgo is usually focused on the journey to their goals which is backpacked with their unrelenting perfectionism. You should see their room!
This utterly diplomatic air sign is born to bring justice! They tend to focus on balance and harmony and strive to achieve equilibrium in all areas of their life. They are also pretty indecisive so don’t expect them to give you good fashion advice when you ask them to go shopping with you and try out several outfits!
The most enigmatic sign of them all! Scorpios are widely misunderstood. Because of their incredible passion and power, many would think that Scorpios are one of the spirited fire signs. However, they are pretty emotional and romantic water sign that doesn’t want you to know all their secrets. It is incredible how long you can know a Scorpio and still find out new things about them every day!
Sagittarius is one of the most spontaneous signs! If you’re up for last-minute plans to party and you need someone to go with you, just ask Sagittarians. They are a perfect example of Bob Marley’s saying “If traveling was free, you would never see me again!” They are highly extroverted people who like to explore new things and places and enrich their experience by acquiring new knowledge!
Capricorns built their reputation for being workaholics! They sure are a sign determined to achieve their goals and therefore they could be a perfect asset to a team. Their can-do attitude and the ability to initiate actions are what it takes to become successful in almost any industry. Not to mention they are loyal and have a great sense of humour!
Very eccentric and free-spirited sign known to be the most humanitarian astrological sign! Aquarius is highly sociable and is able to befriend almost anybody. They are also known for their revolutionary spirit and out-of-this-world ideas. As much as they are friendly, sometimes they dive deep into their thoughts and ideas that they might seem a little distant. But don’t worry, they do care!
Artistic and sensitive, Pisces are incredibly intuitive! People often think this water sign is deeply focused and lost in their own feelings away from reality, but little do they know that Pisces are actually very good at reading and understanding other people’s emotions as well. Who wouldn’t want such a good listener and an empathic friend such as Pisces.