Netflix Quiz

I’m going to give you a quick refresh and jog your memory with some of the key features of Netflix. If you’re feeling confident you can jump right in and take the Netflix Quiz without any help. Although don’t go getting upset if you don’t do very well.

Where It All Began

Netflix was launched on 29th August 1997. It started out as a DVD sales and rental service, their main competitor at that time was Blockbuster. But unlike Blockbuster who had thousands of high street stores, Netflix focused solely on a mail-order service. Within the first year, they scrapped the sale of DVDs and put all their efforts into mail-order rentals. This proved to be a smart move. Over the next couple of years, business caught pace, and Netflix, as a brand, was rapidly going from strength to strength. 

A New Age In Streaming

As the worldwide web exploded into our everyday lives Netflix led the development of a new age in television viewing. Being the front runner in a brand new subscription-based streaming service. This way, anyone across the globe could stream tv shows and movies by simply connecting to the internet. Over the next few years, the company managed to maintain its position as one of the leading streaming networks. And by 2013 was operating in over 190 different countries.

Though it has always faced strong competition with the likes of Disney+, Hulu, HBO Go, and a few others, Netflix has still managed to lead the crowd with its diverse content tailored for almost every genre imaginable.

So, how much and what exactly do you know about Netflix? Well, that’s what we are about to find out in this quiz!


If you fancy a little more help we have a pretty detailed list of fascinating insights into the facts we think you might like to know about Netflix.

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Market Position

An image showing how to position in a market for the netflix quiz

In the wake of so much competition, many falsely assume that Netflix’s popularity is beginning to dim. On closer inspection, it’s easy to see this is certainly not the case. Netflix is still the reigning champion by a significant margin. What’s more, a recent study showed Netflix has more than 200 million subscribers across the globe.

Couple that with a report from, Netflix is the 33rd most valuable business/brand in the world. The company boasts a handsome revenue of 25 billion dollars (annually) and with an employee base of over 9400, they have also claimed a position in a feature about the top 500 US-based employers.

The brand is still reigning strong.

Laughing Last

a man in smart clothes pointing and laughing

In early 2000, when Netflix had barely just entered the DVD and showbiz market, the company’s director Reed Hastings reached out to Antioco, who was the CEO of Blockbuster at that time. Reed had allegedly proposed to run a brand of Blockbuster online in exchange for Blockbuster running Netflix’s branding initiatives through their DVD stores.

Antioco didn’t expect this proposal and was said to have laughed out loud at the absurdity of Reed’s proposal. Sadly enough, Reed is the one laughing last because soon after Antioco had to file for bankruptcy.

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Image to help describe how much storage data Netflix has

While this may update from time to time, as we speak the current content library of Netflix uses 1 petabyte of data. This just goes to show how diverse their content is. Just in case you’re sat there scratching your head wondering what 1 petabyte is, it equals 1,024 terabytes which is significant, to say the least.

Test Film

TV remote with a Netflix button

When Netflix was launched, the makers wanted to test it. So a group of employees made a short video clip. Interestingly, this first video clip featured on Netflix was supposed to be a test-based film solely designed to review basic film frames. It turned out to be a very strange rambling that ended up having a small cult following. The clip contains some very strange audio and even more bizarre behavior. If you’re in the U.S Netflix, just do a quick search for ‘Example Show’ and you should get the clip I’m talking about. You can thank me later.

Ultra Tier

a tv with the words 4K ultra HD showing on the screen

I’m about to drop a bomb right here and now. Drum roll, please. Unknown to many, at the time of this writing Netflix is said to be testing out a brand new service for both existing and new customers. It will be known as the Ultra-Tier and will enable Ultra HD streaming on four different devices simultaneously. Because this feature is still under development, it has no set date for its launch. If you’re a Netflix fan like me just the thought of binge-watching in ultra HD puts a smile on my face.

Discreet Warehouses

large warehouse full of cardboard boxes

In 2009, it was revealed that Netflix has at least 58 warehouses across the US. However, most of these warehouses are very heavily protected and kept top secret. The security is so tight you can’t even find them on a map. The chances of finding one of these warehouses are slightly higher than the odds of stumbling across bigfoot in a field of pumpkins. Although I have been told from a very trusted source if you drive to Carol Stream in the US. Pull up in a random office carpark. Climb from your car and shout, at the top of your voice “Reveal Thyself Netflix warehouse” A limitless building like something from ‘The Raiders Of The Lost Ark’ will appear. While I’m not entirely convinced it will work the temptation to try is always there.

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Napoleon Dynamite

Big netflix prize sign

In 2006, Netflix announced it was going to have a contest with a whopping one million dollar prize. Contestants were challenged to create a new and perfectly framed algorithm that would recommend video content to its users based on their previous viewing habits. Every participant had to include in their code a script that would make the successful categorization of the film Napoleon Dynamite

Glitch or Mashup?

glitch and mashup for the netflix quiz

Nobody’s perfect and Netflix is no exception. In 2014, the company ended up with a glitch where several plot summaries of movies were merged to create uniquely hilarious descriptions.

One such mixup was a description that linked the movie show Gilbert Grape to another entirely different show – Teenage Bounty hunters. You will find many such hilarious screengrabs from the event on fan-made Twitter accounts.


sign saying netflix presents the flixies

Netflix comes with a dedicated award show called the Flixies. This is a more lighthearted take on usual award shows and it is best known for its quirky and mind-boggling comedy. Here, users are encouraged to choose their favorite shows among predefined categories. Each of these categories reflects the novel ways in which people are consuming online entertainment. The show itself is as hilarious as Netflix’s other in-house shows.

Bottom Line

Think you know everything there is about Netflix? Take the Netflix quiz to find out!