The Klay Thompson Quiz

How Much Do You Know About Klay Thompson?

When you talk about Klay Thompson it’s hard to know where to begin. If ever there is a naturally talented and gifted NBA player Klay is that man. His achievements in the sport came early and continue to stretch over many years. How well do you know the life and career of this NBA legend? We’ve written the Klay Thompson Quiz to test the knowledge of even the hardcore NBA addict.

If you think you can ace this quiz without a recap go ahead and hit the button, let’s see how you get on.

Quick Bio Recap

Both Klay’s parents were highly regarded sportspeople. Klay’s mother Julie Thompson, played volleyball for the Portland Pilots. She made a name for herself as one of the best outside hitters. When people say “always listen to your mother” now you know why. On two occasions she was named for the all-tournament team.

Klay Thompson and his dad sitting on the bench at a basketball game

Klay’s father, well, need I say more. Mychal Thompson had a fantastic basketball record all through his school years and went on to become a solid role model player for the Los Angeles Lakers. With that sort of parenthood, a strong desire to be the best, and the physical attributes that Klay possesses, greatness was always on the horizon. And that didn’t take long, to list all his achievements here would not only take up a huge amount of room, it would also spoil the Klay Thompson Quiz I just wrote.

So why not test yourself and see how much you know about this legend of an NBA star. The quiz is only 10 questions long but might not be as easy as you think. Only 27% of people score 10/10.

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