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The Lorde Quiz

Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O’Connor, known in the music industry as Lorde, is a singer from New Zealand, known primarily for her edgy, free-spirited takes on typical music genres. Her stage name is inspired by aristocratic titles, though she added an e to the end of ‘Lord’ because she felt that it was “really masculine” on its own. Of course, any dedicated Lorde fan will already be aware of this, so this Lorde Quiz is the perfect way to find out just how much more you also know about her!

But if you want to delve into a quick history of Lorde’s life, career and achievements first, just keep reading.

In The Begining

Lorde began investigating different avenues of getting into professional music when she was a teenager, signing with Universal Music Group in 2009 and entering into a collaborative relationship with producer Joel Little two years later. The result of this partnership was her first EP, The Love Club, which was released in 2013. The Love Club made people aware of Lorde’s music, with her song ‘Royals’ soaring up the charts and becoming one of her most popular to date. Thanks to this attention, Lorde was able to release her debut album, Pure Heroine, the same year. Since then, she has released two more studio albums and also produced the soundtrack for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 (2014)

Lorde's Music

Lorde’s music has an individualistic charm due to the way she has been known to approach typical genres and assert her own style within them. ‘Royals’, for example, plays into several different genres, including art-pop, hip hop, R&B, and electropop. She writes a lot of her own music and has been praised for her lyrics, particularly those that critique mainstream society and culture. She is the recipient of several big musical accolades, including two Grammy Awards, two Brit Awards, two Billboard Music Awards, and three World Music Awards. Evidently, this Lorde Quiz has plenty of material to work with, so you’ll be able to flex all of your knowledge about her interesting music career so far!

Lorde's Personal Life

Outside of her music and her unique public image, not a lot is known about Lorde’s personal life. Lorde once managed to stay out of the public eye for eighteen months! She has had a few public relationships which attracted some media interest, though she keeps her personal life as private as she can. Lorde has worked with several different charities and involved herself in philanthropy, for which she has been praised. Her private nature and her influence as an unconventional popstar are the subject of both media and fan scrutiny, so it’s likely that her biggest fans will know everything that there is to know about Lorde!

Are You Ready For The Lorde Quiz?

If that sounds true to you, then this Lorde Quiz is the ideal way for you to prove it! Lorde may have only put out three albums and one EP so far, but she doubtless has lots more to come, so you’ll want to know as much as possible about her while you continue to follow her growing career. And if you’re just getting into Lorde’s music, what better way to learn more interesting information than by taking a quiz? You’ll be able to discover more about both Lorde herself and her music at the same time!

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5 Lorde Fun Facts

  • Lorde once said that as a young girl growing up she had “every pet imaginable”, one of these pets was an axolotl. For those of you that don’t know an axolotl is a giant walking water snake, Lovely.
  • Lorde has Croatian Citizenship “In New Zealand, there are 100,000 Dalmatian, Croatian Yugoslav people,” she explains. “I am a Croatian citizen.” That was my reward for being a well-known Croatian. They “hooked me up,” as it were.”
  • She is absolutely obsessed with Peter Green from Fleetwood Mac. In an interview, she said “I go way back with Fleetwood Mac, Peter Green. Where’s the Peter Green Fleetwood Mac merch? He’s the greatest thing ever. God, I’m obsessed with him. I wish people gave him more credit. He’s the best.”
  • Have you heard Lorde’s new album, ‘Melodrama,’? There wasn’t a single real instrument on it. “On my last album, I didn’t use a single actual instrument. It’s magical, in my opinion. I come from a family where no one owns an instrument. Computers produce sounds. It has a socialist flavor to it.”
  • ‘Yours Sincerely’ is a thing of the past. ‘Yours Truly’ is no longer in use. Take a page from Lorde’s book. From now on, ‘WHOOSH’ is the only way to sign off emails.

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