Have A Go At The Dua Lipa Quiz

Have A Go At The Dua Lipa Quiz

Dua Lipa is an English singer-songwriter who shot to fame in the music industry thanks to the release of her debut album just five years ago. She has subsequently acquired a large fanbase, referring to them simply as ‘my loves’. They have worked hard to support Dua’s growing career, which is why this Dua Lipa Quiz is a perfect fit for anyone with an interest in her music! Dua’s career is only getting bigger and better, so now is the ideal time to remind yourself of just how much you know about her.

However, for those who might need a little more information before taking the quiz, carry on reading!

Here's How It Started For Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa signed a record deal with Warner Bros. Records back in 2014, though she didn’t release her debut album, Dua Lipa, until 2017. It rose quickly up the charts, with its singles IDGAF’ and New Rules’ receiving both critical and fan acclaim. This album signified the beginning of a successful career, allowing Dua to follow it with a second album, Future Nostalgia, in 2020. As well as popular solo songs, which also include Don’t Start Now’, Blow Your Mind (Mwah)’, Physical’ and Hotter Than Hell’, Dua has also collaborated with other big artists. Some of her best include One Kiss’ with Calvin Harris, Scared to Be Lonely with Martin Garrix, and No Lie’ with Sean Paul.


Her singing has been described as having a distinctive, husky, and sultry tone. She is a mezzo-soprano, which allows her to hit lots of different notes in her songs. Though she describes her music as being dark pop’, lots of her songs also engage with the R&B, pop, disco, and house genres. As well as her singing, Dua Lipa is also popular for her excellent style, both on the red carpet and on the stage. This makes sense considering she worked as a model prior to scoring a record deal and debuted as a runway model for Versace this year. Anyone who keeps up with news about Dua will find this Dua Lipa Quiz packed with questions about her varied career.

It's Not All About Music

Dua Lipa has also been praised for her philanthropy and co-created the Sunny Hill Foundation with her father in 2016. She has been very active in terms of raising money for this foundation, as well as for other charities, including UNICEF, CALM, and Children in Need. With such a prolific career, it makes sense that Dua’s personal life has also been the subject of media curiosity. She has dated several famous men, which has attracted the spotlight to her relationships over the years, though she tries to keep her personal life as private as possible.

Though she has only released two albums so far, Dua Lipa’s career has allowed her to rise to fame incredibly quickly. Her fanbase also continues to grow, with people all over the world devouring all the information possible about their idol. Some might even know more about Dua than she does herself!

Ready For The Dua Lipa Quiz

This Dua Lipa Quiz is perfect for finding out just that, so finish reading and click the button below to give it a go. As Dua continues to flourish in both the music industry and in pop culture, you’ll want to remind yourself of just why you fell in love with her songs as you follow her career further.

5 Fun Dua Lipa Facts

  • Dua has worked with a host of artists including  Florence Welch, Mark Ronson, Romy from The xx, and Diplo. But one she remembers the most is working on a track with Ariana Grande  Unfortunately, Dua does not believe the track will ever be released; but, we can hope they return to the recording studio together soon.
  • When Dua was just 11 years old, her choir teacher told her that her voice was too low and she couldn’t sing. Well, she really showed them who the singer is.
  • Robbie Williams, the all-acclaimed megastar in British pop, has snatched a piece of Dua’s heart. “My mum fancied on him when I was a young kid,” she adds in a recent interview, “and when I saw him in person at the iTunes festival I thought hell yeah, he is really fit.”
  • “I started uploading covers online when I was 15, but it has never been one of those things that went viral; it was more of a method for me to use that as a portfolio,” Dua explains. She performed I Would Rather Go Blind by Etta James and Here by Alessia Cara.
  • She was once the most streamed female, but Camila Cabello recently surpassed her. She has a monthly audience of 37 million people!  Ed Sheeran is still the most streamed artist ever, with a massive 64 million monthly listeners,

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