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Ariana Grande is one of pop music’s darlings due to her beautiful voice, chart-topping songs, and loyal fanbase. If you are one of the ‘Arianators’ then you’ll be eager to take this Ariana Grande Quiz and flex your extensive knowledge about her eventful career. Due to intense media attention, Ariana’s personal life has become just as scrutinized as her music, with plenty of information available about her online. You’ll find all that and more in this Ariana Grande Quiz!

But whether you’ve been following Ariana’s career since her rise to fame as a teenager, or if you’re just getting into her music now, a bit of a refresher about who she is and what she’s achieved could be helpful.

Ariana's Early Days

Ariana first began performing professionally when she was just fifteen, playing the role of Charlotte in the musical 13 on Broadway. After that, she joined Nickelodeon as the character Cat Valentine, appearing in both Victorious and Sam & Cat. However, Ariana’s primary talent lay in music, and in 2011 she landed a record deal with Republic Records. She released her debut album Yours Truly in 2013, the same year that Victorious ended and a year before the end of Sam & Cat. With time to focus entirely on her music, Ariana released a further five studio albums and continued to grow her popularity.

Ariana's Acheivements

Her four-octave vocal range has received much attention, with many comparing her voice to that of Mariah Carey. Ariana performs high notes and whistle notes on many of her songs, such as ‘Imagine’, ‘Dangerous Woman’, ‘My Hair’, ‘No Tears Left To Cry’, and ‘One Last Time’. Due to this, her songs have topped the charts and are considered notoriously hard to sing. For her music, Ariana Grande has been awarded two Grammy Awards, two Billboard Music Awards, three American Music Awards, one Brit Award, and six iHeartRadio Music Awards. With so many musical achievements, this Ariana Grande Quiz is packed with questions to help test your knowledge!

Her Personal Life

Outside of music, Ariana has ventured back into acting a few times following her departure from Nickelodeon. She has appeared in a handful of films and also played Snow White at the Pasadena Playhouse in 2012. She has worked hard to raise money for charity and other causes. One incredibly sad moment of Ariana’s career happened in 2017 when a suicide bomber killed twenty-two people at her concert in Manchester. In response to this horrific event, Ariana arranged a concert a few months later and raised millions and millions of dollars to help support those who were injured and the victims’ families.

Despite all her well-deserved fame, Ariana has also come under fire in the media several times. Her personal life has also been scrutinized, particularly her relationships with various famous men. However, Ariana has managed to keep her recent marriage to Dalton Gomez out of the public eye for the most part. The Arianators are an extremely loyal fanbase who want to celebrate everything about their idol’s life, so it’s likely that they will know plenty about both Ariana’s career and her personal life.


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fun facts
  1. She’s Allergic To Cats
    Ariana claimed to be allergic to cats in a tweet from 2010! That hasn’t stopped her from playing a “Cat” on television (on Nickelodeon’s “Victorious” and “Sam & Cat”), or even adopting one, as she is widely regarded as an animal lover.
  2. Her Mom Is a CEO
    Joan Grande, Ari’s mother, is the CEO of a communications company called Hose McCann Communications. The Grande family purchased the company in 1964, according to the company’s website. Girlbosses are a mother-daughter duo that we adore!
  3. She Had a Hit Classical Song
    When Ariana recorded the song “E Più Ti Penso” in 2015, she explored her Italian heritage. The song was included in the album of Italian opera singer Andrea Bocelli and reached number one on the Billboard Classical Music charts in 2015!
  4. Her First Televised Performance Was On Ice
    In 2002, when she was 8 or 9 years old, the singer had her debut appearance on television. She sang the National Anthem at an NHL game in her home state of Florida.
  5. She’s One Of The Top Most Followed Accounts On Instagram
    Ariana is clearly in the top ten most followed individuals on Instagram, alongside Kim Kardashian and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, with over 238 million followers.

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