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Ed Sheeran is an English singer who is also famous for his songwriting abilities. He’s been active in the music industry since he signed a contract with Asylum Records in 2011. So far he has released four solo albums and one collaboration album. Both his music and his down-to-earth personality have allowed Ed to cultivate a massive fanbase. Affectionately known as the ‘Sheerios’, all of whom know plenty about him. This Ed Sheeran Quiz is an excellent way to put that knowledge to the test. And establish once and for all if you are a true Sheerio through and through.

If you need a little bit of extra information to help familiarise yourself with Ed Sheeran, his songs, and his other work, just keep reading!

In The Beginning

Ed Sheeran grew up with a love for singing and playing the guitar. He began recording music in 2004 but got his big break in 2011 when Asylum Records gave him the opportunity to release an official album. His debut album was titled ‘Divide’, which inspired the subsequent trend of all his solo albums being named after mathematical symbols. Even the most casual Ed Sheeran fans will know this, but there are plenty of other interesting facts to delve into too.

Ed Sheeran Album names

It's Not All A Music Quiz

Despite all of his successful albums and their chart-topping singles, Ed Sheeran’s career extends further than just music. He has appeared in several films and television episodes, both as himself and as fictional characters, and also owns a bar in Notting Hill. Ed has been praised for his philanthropy over the years and even opened his own music foundation, the ‘Ed Sheeran Suffolk Music Foundation‘, in order to help young artists make advancements with their music. For his own musical efforts, he has been awarded four Grammy Awards, four Billboard Music Awards, two American Music Awards and three People’s Choice Awards.

Eds Personal Life

Outside of his busy career, Ed Sheeran has a relatively private personal life, so there might be some questions on this Ed Sheeran Quiz that challenge even his most committed fans! He and his wife, Cherry Seaborn, have one child, though Ed keeps his family out of the public eye as much as he can. One of his most famous friendships is with Taylor Swift. The two of them have collaborated on several different songs and continue to have a strong bond outside of the music industry too.

Even with so much of his life being kept relatively quiet, this Ed Sheeran Quiz will give you the opportunity to explore your favourite singer’s career from the beginning to the present. Those who know everything that there is to know about Ed Sheeran will enjoy clicking through each question with ease and those who only know a bit about him will be able to increase their knowledge. Perhaps some of the questions will surprise you and help you to learn more about Ed’s different songs, achievements and personal endeavours. If that sounds like fun to you, don’t hesitate! Click the button below to take the ultimate Ed Sheeran Quiz!

Fun Ed Sheeran Facts

  • His connection with Taylor Swift isn’t just superficial. Talor discovered Ed’s music while on tour in Australia. She contacted him and well, everything else is history. These two have been besties for a long time. Although the social media posts have diluted a tad bit now, they are still seen hanging around, by paparazzi and at multiple awards shows. Both of them can be spotted cheering for one another when they win an award. I mean, what’s the point of having a best friend if they don’t hype you up.
  • In an episode of Top Gear, Ed confessed to the host Jeremy Clarkson that he doesn’t know how to drive. So to fulfill his car fever he just gifts cars to his closest people. I feel a sudden urge to be good friends with him. Jeremy was later seen persuading Ed to take a lap and to his surprise, Ed was relatively quick. That time of course negating the multiple times he went offroad, broke the bumper, crashed the car. “But still not the worst,” said Jeremy after the run.
  • We all know that Ed had a habit of crashing at a friend’s place every now and then this ‘friend’ was a bit special. Courtney Cox aka Monica Geller Bing from the hit show F.R.I.E.N.D.S was one of these friends. When Ed had to come to Malibu in 2013 but didn’t have a place to stay, this friend’s co-star offered up her house as a free-of-charge Airbnb. Now that’s a good friend.

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