Am I Smart Or Dumb Quiz

Am I Smart Or Dumb Quiz

Every now and then we all do dumb things, and if you’ve ever asked yourself the question “Am I Smart Or Dumb?” (I know I have) You need to have a go at the am I smart or dumb quiz.

The other day I went out and purposely left my smartphone at home. I was concerned by how much time I spent with my face glued to its screen, so I thought today is freedom day, I’m no longer a slave to my phone. Well, I must have spent every other hour searching my bag and pockets trying to find the damn thing, convinced it had been lost or stolen. Only to remember, nope, it’s at home where you left it. I spent that day looking for my phone, remembering it was at home, then smacking my forehead cursing my stupidity. 

Fortunately, these moments might not have anything to do with your intelligence. But, they do make you question your sanity. And people around you might think youre a bit nutty too. Maybe someone has already called you dumb.

Just give me their name and address and we won’t have that problem again.

Haha, totally non-violent promise

Signs you seem dumb to others

The thing is people do judge, and for the simplest reasons too.

For example

  • Dressing non-conventionally (Excuse me, it’s called having a fashion sense)
  • Mispronouncing words (Yeah? Because you’re Shakespeare, aren’t you?)
  • Making basic grammar mistakes (Umm this one I agree with)
  • Being over smart (I. Know. My. Worth.)
  • Giving a generic opinion or having no opinion at all (My wish *rolling eye emoticon*)
  • Spending heavily on material things (I mean how dare others even care about my $4,200 Jimmy Choo advent calendar)
  • Etc. (Because the world is filled with meanies)

If you can relate to any of these I think you’ll do pretty well with the am I smart or dumb quiz.

If you don’t relate to these, then maybe you’re quirkily smart. Given below are unusual signs of high IQ.

Signs you might be smarter than you think

Do you believe in God, marriage, and monogamy?

Woah! Nothing is common between those three. But is your answer no to any one of them? The one thing all three of these represent is age-old ideologies.
Do you question or are curious about the alternatives? That might prove that you are smarter than the average bear. But please don’t turn atheist just because of me. I don’t want your mama to haunt my dreams.

Do you like playing music on the guitar or did you just learn it to impress your crush?
Of course for the second reason, duh. No matter what your motive but being an instrumentalist is a sign of above-average intelligence. Instruments and music, in general, require a lot of mind-body coordination. This will save you from breaking all the expensive vases in your dream house.

Do you get jokes or can charm a few people with your humor?
Okay, stop looking at me like that. I know I’m funny, I just can’t help it. But are you too? Quick replies and understanding of comments that are not so obvious, is also a sign of an above-average IQ.

Do you prefer silent yoga over sweaty cardio?
Not sure about yoga but I prefer sitting on the couch over cardio. You are in luck because studies show you are actually smart. Intellectual people like doing calm activities. On the other hand, people with lower or average IQ tend to perform more motion-involved activities.
So next time you feel too motivated to hit the gym, do remind yourself. You’re too smart to exercise.

Can you pinpoint the person from the sound of their steps?
I mean I do it so I can hide my husband’s credit card before he walks in the room. But if that makes you smart, hell ya, be proud to be sensitive to sound. People who are keen and can hear minute sounds like chewing, slurping, tapping, humming, etc. are smart. They have a brain condition called misophonia. They can’t tolerate these small sounds. Just like they shouldn’t. Let’s start a petition to cancel people who chew loud. Ew, David!

But if you don’t identify with these signs there are a dozen more. Are you getting more serious about being dumb? No, no, no, I mean the question is ‘Am I smart or Dumb?’ not ‘He hasn’t texted in hours, is he dead?’. We don’t jump to conclusions like that about our intelligence. Let’s make your self-enlightenment journey fun with a quiz.

Research says people who take, “Am I Smart or Dumb quizzes” online are super smart. Okay, not exactly! But if you care about your intelligence, it indicates that you are critical of yourself. And being critical of oneself is a sign of being smart.

We have culminated in questions ranging from rationality, common sense, personality to logic. Take the first step to having material proof of your brainpower. Our ‘Am I smart or dumb’ quiz is not here to shame you but rather a fun activity.

Don’t take yourself too seriously and enjoy the Quiz.

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